Meet Annie

Annie is the pioneer of the Open Water Program and started participating in 2004.

Her bold and adventurous spirit while in the ocean often compels her trainers to exclaim, "She's Navy!"  

She became the proud mother of Machu in 2012, and by the time he was eleven months old, Annie had already familiarized him with the ocean reef and taught him how to catch fish in the sea. 

Annie is so versatile, that she could be interacting with scuba divers at sea, swimming with snorkelers, performing encounters and training demonstrations, and even working with children and their therapists at CDTC . . . all in the same day!  






Recognizable by:

Cheerful face because of her light ‘lips’ and longer lower jaw. She misses square pieces out of her dorsal fin (bites from other dolphins).

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Annie 416w, 624w, 1248w, 1664w, 2496w, 3328w
  • Copan 416w, 624w, 1248w, 1664w, 2496w, 3328w
    • Machu 416w, 624w, 1248w, 1664w, 2496w, 3328w

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