Meet Chabelita

She is named after a favorite Curacao children’s song called "Chabelita", which was written by the local poet Elis Juliana. According to the song, Chabelita is upset because while being naughty and reaching upon a shelf for a jar of sugar, she is startled by a mouse.

Although the dolphin Chabelita would never be frightened by some so trivial as a mouse, she certainly can be mischievous!  Especially while teasing and chasing her younger siblings.

She is a very exuberant, high-energy dolphin who delights in her interactions with the trainers and children of CDTC.




She is


Recognizable by:

Light colored dolphin with lots of freckles on her belly & has a scar on the left side of her rostrum (from racing around with her mother when she was a tiny baby).

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