Meet Kayena

Her name derives from a local flower in Curacao called the Cayenne. In the native language Papiamentu the word Cayenne is written and pronounced as Kayena.

She was born to Teresa on November 18, 2007.  From the very beginning she was extremely vocal - often sounding a unique squeal that can be heard from far away. She developed a probing intellect and an enthusiasm for interaction.

Kayena is a veteran of open water training and will soon be escorting her young daughter Estrea out to the ocean reefs for play and exploration. Her closest companions are Gee Gee and Roxette.




Kayena is


Recognizable by:

Tall body, long rostrum and three dark stripes on forehead

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  • Caiyo 416w, 624w, 1248w, 1664w, 2496w, 3328w
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