Meet Machu

Born on April 19, 2012, Machu is the son of Annie and Copan and has adopted their adventurous and inquisitive characters.

He has been participating in the Open Water Program since he was eleven months old, having been taught all about the ocean reefs from his mother, and is one of the most proficient fish-catchers of the dolphin community.

Machu is highly competitive with his siblings and is often excited when challenged with new  behaviors to learn. He is the leader in "stretcher training" - comfortably swimming into a sling to be lifted by trainers right out of the water and back in again.

Machu means tough boy in the local language Papiamentu. He was born 1 day after his half-sister Serena. His nickname is Machu "Picchu".




Machu is


Recognizable by:

Short, wide rostrum, small dark eyes and robust body

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