Meet Pasku

Pasku means "Christmas" in the local language Papiamentu. He was born on Christmas Day, December 25th 2008. His nickname is Passie. He has a unique signature whistle which is of a lower frequency that is easy for people to hear.

He has an adventurous character and has been participating in the Open Water Program since he was eight months old. Although then still a baby, it was Pasku who invented a new fishing method out on the reef - catching filefish living within clusters of soft corals called gargonia. His proud mother Tela soon adopted his technique, and before long many other dolphins had learned from him too.

He has recently reached sexual maturity, but has long been accepted by other adult males Caiyo and Romeo - often accompanying his buddies to Mambo Beach.




Pasku is


Recognizable by:

Torn dorsal fin (there were big waves during an open water trip, and his dorsal fin hit the propeller of the boat), wide face & lots of freckles on his belly.

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