Meet Teresa

Teresa was one of the dominant females and together with Annie the pioneer of the Open Water Program in 2004.

She was a very beautiful, robust dolphin and well respected by her peers. She was incredibly intelligent, adventurous, and always eager to learn new behaviors. She had a very unique squeal which we can still hear - because her daughter Kayena has imitated that unique sound and made it her own.

Sadly, Teresa passed away in January 2010 from complications during labor while attempting to give birth to her next baby. All the people through the years who had the pleasure to meet her will forever cherish her memory.



Teresa was the


Recognizable by:

Tall and robust body, wide rostrum, three dark stripes on forehead, big round eyes with a white border and a big birth mark on her left pectoral fin.

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Teresa 416w, 624w, 1248w, 1664w, 2496w, 3328w
  • Copan 416w, 624w, 1248w, 1664w, 2496w, 3328w
    • Kayena 416w, 624w, 1248w, 1664w, 2496w, 3328w

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