Grade 5
Lesson 1
Marine mammals - mammals
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whales or fish?

Dolphins are small whales …You might confuse whales for fish.
Especially because, with their smooth bodies, they do look a bit like fish. But whales actually resemble humans a lot, because they are mammals (like us) and not fish.

Mammals are warm-blooded

They keep warm by means of fur or a fat layer. Cold-blooded animals (such as reptiles, like lizards) do not have such a nice and warm “coat.” When these animals get cold, they just go take a nice sunbath.


Do mammals lay eggs?

They do not lay eggs. Their babies are born live instead.
The babies drink milk from their mother. Breast milk is full of vitamins, so it is important for baby dolphins to get a lot of it!

What about dolphins?

Dolphins only have a few thin strands of hair around their mouths for a short while after they are born, like soft whiskers. When they get older, sometimes you can still see little dots on their nose, where the whiskers used to be.