Grade 5
Lesson 3
Marine mammals - Record wall
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Fatest mammal

The fastest land mammal is the cheetah. It can run as fast as a car, almost 100 kilometers per hour!

G4 L3Vervang

Smallest mammal

The smallest mammal is a bat species found in Thailand. It grows to only 3 cm long.

G4 L1 P5 Vervang

Largest mammal

The Largest mammal is the Blue Whale. This huge whale can grow to 30 meters long and weigh 190.000 kilos (= approximately 2400 humans). This giant’s heart alone is as big as a car. Its tongue is so large that an elephant would fit on it. A newborn blue whale is approximately 7 meters long and weighs 1500 kilos! This colossus is the largest animal on earth. It is larger than the largest dinosaur that ever lived!

G4 L1

Largest mammal on land

On land, the largest mammal is the male African elephant. It weighs about 6000 kilos and grows to 3.5 meters long.

G4 L1 P8