Grade 5
Lesson 2
Marine mammals - sea mammals
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What do Whales do?

Whales are not the only mammals that live in the sea. You also have the more hairy kind of sea mammal, like sea lions, seals and walruses. They catch fish in the sea, but spend a lot of time on land, mating and having babies, or simply sunbathing!

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Walruses can grow to over 3.6 meters in size

Are they lazy?

Whales like to lie down next to each other on the rocks or sand and take a nap, especially after eating, when their bellies are full.

Walruses weigh up to 1900 kilos

Sea lions at Sea Aquarium

If you have ever been to the Sea Aquarium, you probably got to see sea lions. They were born in Patagonia (South America).

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What to they eat?

Three times a day, they show off all the tricks they have learned from their trainers. Their favorite meal consists of herring, capelin and especially mackerel, which they really love.

They eat about 6-8 kilograms of fish every day.