Grade 4
Lesson 4
Water animals - live
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where do the water animals live?

Some animals live both in the sea and on land, like crabs, turtles and seals. 


Turtles live in the sea but lay their eggs on land.

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Crabs do the opposite; they take their eggs to sea.

Because they have gills, crabs always need a humid environment to live in. Otherwise they will have difficulty breathing and will start to foam at the mouth.

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Largest en smallest animal

Both the largest and the smallest animal live in the sea!

 The smallest animals are called plankton. These are baby lobsters, shrimp, and tiny fish.

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Blue whale

The largest animal is the blue whale. The Blue Whale grow to be 30 meters long and weigh 190.000 kilos.

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One very unusual species of fish is the seahorse. Seahorses fall in love just like people do and stay with their mate for life. The male is very unusual, because it carries all the eggs instead of the female. Isn’t that nice?

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