Grade 4
Lesson 5
Water animals - Sea Creatures That Are Just Like Us
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We humans live from the sea. For example, we eat fish and crustaceans, but we also use the sea for our ships. Some sea creatures are a lot like us: sea mammals...

Humans are Mammals:  This means that, as a baby, we drink milk from our mothers.                 

Sea mammals

Sea mammals nurse their young too, but they live in the sea. The best known sea mammals are dolphins and porpoises.

Differents dolphins and porpoises

Many people mistake porpoises for dolphins and vice versa.

But there are very clear differences between the two.

Porpoises are quite smaller than dolphins, the dolphin:

G4 L5 P1

Porpoises are quite smaller than dolphins, the popoises:

G4 L5 P2

Porpoises have a flat face

G4 L5 P3

Dolphins have a pointy nose.

G4 L5 P4

Their teeth have a different shape, Dolphin teeth look like little cones

G4 L5 P5

Porpoise teeth look like spatulas.

G4 L5 P6

Dorsal fin

One clear difference is in the shape of their dorsal fin:

That of the dolphin looks like a sickle or crescent, while that of the porpoise looks more like a triangle.

G4 L5 P7