Learn about Pygmy Killer Whale (Feresa attenuata)

Max length: 2.5 m

Max weight: 160 kg

Can be mistaken for pilot whales, although much smaller.  With a very dark overall coloration, they have a rounded head with white pigment along the "lips".  Found only offshore and very rarely seen, they travel in relatively small groups of 10 to 30.  Relative to size, the dorsal fin is quite large and curved.  


Don't let their small size fool you!

Oceanic Cetacean Map

Cetacean in the Caribbean waters

You will find this specific Cetacean in the Caribbean sea
Dolphin 8
They have been observed attacking, killing, and eating other dolphin species. Although typically shy of boats, these animals should never be approached by swimmers.
Extinct in Wild
Critically Endangered
Near Threatened
Least Concern