Dolphin Research

At Dolphin Academy we are constantly striving to achieve more knowledge about dolphins, other marine mammals and the ever changing marine environment that surrounds them. Dedication to research is therefore one of our priorities. We try to facilitate researchers that can help us learn more about dolphins and use the knowledge we gain from these research projects to educate and inspire our guests. 

Our current research focus is mainly on the daily rhythmicity of our dolphins. As our animals are living in natural pools their environmental conditions greatly mimic those of wild dolphin populations. This makes Dolphin Academy the perfect place to study natural behaviours. One of our priorities is to keep our research as low-invasive as possible, both to preserve these natural behaviours as much as possible, as well as for the protection and well-being of the dolphins. 

Open water access 

At Dolphin Academy, the dolphins are trained to go outside and enjoy themselves in the open ocean and explore our home reef located right in front of our facility. This is not only a great expansion of their territory, but also a unique opportunity for even more natural or additional research projects. 

Contact information 

If you are interested in more details about our research possibilities and projects, feel free to contact us at

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