Meet our Sponsors of the Bayena i Dolfein program

We are very happy with all the 2016 sponsors who made it possible for 70 classes to participate in the Bayena i Dolfein program. 

We could not have done it without you! 

Content of the program:

- Material for 6 lessons, devided into 3 chapters

- Work booklets with fun facts and information

- A teacher's guide with answers, additional information and activities for the schools

- A dolphin Masterclass given at school by a guest teacher of Dolphin Academy

- A price for the most outstanding student per school

- A visit for the class to the Dolphin Academy and Sea Aquarium, including transportation and a dolphin kiss! Student will get a lunch bag, a goody bag and more at the end of the visit. 

As a sponsor you will receive the following:

- 3 dolphin encounters per sponsored class

- Brand exposure on our social media

- Invite to join your sponsored class on the day of their visit to Dolphin Academy

The investment is naf 599,- for sponsoring 1 class.

For more information please contact .