trainer Anja Hannink

Why do you work at DA?

Because I love the combination of the tourist programs, training and
free time with the dolphins. They live, as far as we can offer, in their natural environment which is a big enrichment for their lives as well for my own love for the ocean.

What is your favourite memory at DA?

Every day I get a new amazing memory from working with the dolphins so it’s hard to pick one. Their reaction if you do something nice or new with them and they show you how happy that makes them is the best part of the day. But one of the best ones is the first open water dive with Tela and Serena. It is so amazing to see the dolphins swimming wherever they want and chasing fish. When you look up from a depth of around 12 meters, the sight of them swimming against the sunlight in the blue ocean is one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen. Since I am also doing medical procedures with the dolphins I love to see the band of trust that the trainers have with their dolphins. It’s amazing to see and makes all of our jobs to keep the dolphins healthy and happy a lot easier!


Junior Dolphin Trainer / Assistant Veterinarian Technician

Origin: NL

Joined Dolphin Academy in 2014

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