trainer Jarima Godfried

Why do you work at DA?

It was always a big dream for me to work with dolphins and every summer vacation I went to Dolphin Academy to do a program or Dolphin In Depth course. After doing all of the programs and courses, my biggest dream was now: become a dolphin trainer! So at March 16th of 2014 I was lucky to start working here at the Dolphin Academy with these beautiful animals and also with the nice team and all the people around me!

What is your favourite memory at DA?

One of my best memories working here was an open water dive with Kayena. It was so amazing to see such a beautiful animal doing her thing in the open ocean, I loved it! But also working with Caiyo every day makes me happy and he gives me every day a nice memory to take home with me!


Junior Dolphin Trainer

Origin: NL

Joined Dolphin Academy in 2014

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