Junior Veterinarian Mariana Silva

Why do you work at DA?

As a child I got fascinated by dolphins on the first time that I saw them, so I started to dream with the day I would be able to work with these animals. With time, I realized how amazingly adapted these animals are, and all the challenges related with husbandry and veterinary care that comes with it. These challenges were in the end what made me be sure that I want to be a marine mammal veterinarian. Having the chance to work with marine mammals in my first year after graduation is a huge opportunity and every day I feel very lucky. Working at Dolphin Academy makes me feel very happy to be able to grow as a veterinarian in this amazing open water facility, but also to be part of public education.

What is your favorite memory at DA?

It's hard to choose just one memory, but maybe the best one would be a very recent one. Mosa was a little bit slow for some days, and eventually she was not eating, so we had to take medical actions. In the end of the day she was eating, and after her last session, as I got closer to the water, she came to me and we played for a couple of minutes. After a rough day, that was the best feeling ever


Junior Veterinarian

Origin: POR

Joined Dolphin Academy in 2015

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