Trainer Marie-Christine van Pallandt

Why do you work at DA?

I have always had a big love for animals. I applied for the Dolphin Trainer position without any working experience or relevant animal related education. I had experience with dogs, cats and horses, but more as a hobby. After a 2 month probation I got the job and I have loved it ever since. I especially enjoy working at this facility because of its natural lagoon and because we take the dolphins outside to the open ocean. The fact that we offer a wide variety of programs to our guests and thus a lot of variety for the animals is great. Of course my favorite thing about Dolphin Academy is working with the beautiful, fun and super sweet dolphins every day.

What is your favourite memory at DA?

It is almost impossible to choose just one best memory because great, fun, crazy and awesome things happen every day when you work with these dolphins! If I really have to pick one great memory with Kayena it would be the open water training we did together. First training her to gate out through a big gate and under a bridge, then training her to follow the Dolphin Academy boat and the most special moment of the entire training was the first time we were out in the open ocean together. My best memory with GeeGee would have to be just seeing her improvement every day. And seeing how excited she can be when we are training new behaviors together. When she is excited during one of our training sessions she makes a very cute sounds and funny head movements to express her emotions.


Coordinator of Dolphins & Programs

Origin: NL

Joined Dolphin Academy in 2009

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