Trainer Ginny Tjakkes

Why do you work at DA?

My interest in marine mammals started with my study; animal management when I did an internship at Dolfinarium in the Netherlands. After my study I started working there fulltime with the harbor porpoises. There I've met my boyfriend and he always had a wish to go abroad and work with marine mammals. It wasn't a big wish of mine but when Dolphin Academy contacted him I was very excited to start a new adventure and also to work at this amazing facility. And now we are very lucky to work here together!

What is your favorite memory at DA?

I have many best moments like; first day of work, moments together with the dolphins. But if I have to pick one, it would be the day that a group of maybe 100 or more spinner dolphins swim along the facility. It was during a lunch break but I dropped my food and George, Brian and myself jumped on the boat, followed them to make some pictures and video's. The spinners where everywhere around us and a couple of them where following the boat!


Junior Dolphin Trainer

Origin: NL

Joined Dolphin Academy in 2014

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