Trainer Zenzi Willems

Why do you work at DA?

I work at Dolphin Academy because of the open water program, the natural lagoons, the day to day variety in dolphin pairs/programs/places/people and the independence with training.

What is your favorite memory at DA?

Memories are made every day… I will name my best three so far! The first one is the way Annie tried to get my attention during an open water dive using her snout and fins to lead me away from the group divers. When I followed her she showed me a huge colorful fish hidden between the corals. My second best memory is the fact that Annie let me be so close to her new born calf Machu that I was able to see his whiskers fall off after nine days. And the third one is the open water training of Machu. He is so adventurous and such a fast learner that he was taught to gate to the open water channel, follow the boat and start diving in the open ocean within a month. His reaction and the help of mother Annie were priceless during the training. With the footage made of this training I was able to give a presentation of our open water training during an EAAM conference in Tenerife.


Coordinator of Dolphins & Programs

Origin: NL

Joined Dolphin Academy in 2005

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